This blog will hold my personal experience and feedback as a member of the OLPC Learning team based in Kigali, Rwanda as we support the Rwandan government’s deployment of 110, 000 XO laptops, with specific focus on our team’s support of the schools.

Hopefully this blog will prove helpful to other deployments as I plan to share lesson plans and feedback from teachers, students and other stakeholders. I also hope it provides some insight into thw work needed to ensure a successful 1:1 laptop program.

As a team, we have been in Rwanda supporting the government and schools for ~8 months. In that time we have developed programs such as camps during school holidays, after school clubs, internship and teacher training. In some cases, this means basic introduction to project-based learning on the XO, but when time permits, we were able to go deeper. At Kagugu Primary School we divided students into three groups during the camp: Curious kids, newspaper development and game programmming. These camps later developed into afterschool clubs. Our team has also started a large university student internship program, in which 100 Kigali Insititue of Education (KIE) students participated and helped us to support local schools with laptops. This is a part of the main goal of our work: to build a sustainable project.

Please feel free to use this blog as a space for discussion, feedback and open dialouge, as we all share the same ideal: every child in the world should have access to education.


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