Lesson ideas

Now that we knew most of the teachers needed project-based lesson ideas from us, so we created some very basic lesson ideas based on the National Cirriculum Development Center (NCDC) of Rwanda. We knew this would be the best way to interest the teachers. Here were some of our initial project ideas:

Lesson Ideas, Cultural Traditions

This lesson idea is important here in Rwanda. The national cirriculum reall focuses on developing the student’s knowledge and awareness of one’s culture. At the same time the students learns about their traditions they are able to be creative and create a short video, etc.

Lesson Ideas, Tourist Advertisement

Tourism is another important topic for Rwandese as it is one of the biggest money generators for the country. The national cirriculum asks students to understand the important of tourism. This will also allow the student to express their personal love for their country.  

Write, Ramp Project

An easy introduction to deep scientific ideas. This project asks students to classif, observe, create an hypothesis; then prove of disprove that hypothesis.

Lesson Idea, Geometry

A simple introduction to Turtle and angles.

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