Notes from Science Class

While the team and I were holding a quick session with students at Kagugu Primary school. We noticed on the chalkboard that there were notes from a science class. My boss and I noticed that one side of the chalkboard had instructions for lab work: “be sure to turn the gas tanks off,” “always use gloves,” etc. But Kagugu does not have a lab. The teacher most likely copied this down from their curriculum book they were given (in English, a foreign language to most) and now students were studying these things as part of science class.

This is all the more example that the question is not whether school reform is necessary, but how quickly and effectively this change can happen. Hopefully, as we continue our work with teachers, we can work with them to customize lessons that they understand and are comfortable with, and then use with their students.

    • Claudia
    • March 18th, 2010

    Julia… this is a great example of how learning is disconnected from the reality of the child. Great picture!

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