Capacity Building

This week, we are focused on capacity building on two different levels:

1) Our first initiative was building a maintenance team made up of teachers at the schools where we are working. For various reasons the local core team in Rwanda has not been able to adequately address technical issues at the schools. Many laptops brake and remain broken. In order to fix this issue and further empower the school we decided a team in the school would be best. We first suggested this idea to ESCAF, the private school. The Headmaster was excited and found three teachers who were equally excited to become the “tech team.” The headmaster purchased 2 USB keys and 2 screwdrivers and we will donate 3 laptops for spare parts. We had our first session this week on Monday. We started with the basics

  • How to fix the mouse when it “jumps”
  • How to find activities that have been removed from favorite
  • How to fix the battery when it won’t charge
  • Proper ways to shutdown

Next week we will work with the USB key, concluding our training with a demolition session.

2) This week we re-started our work with local university students from KIE. We contacted a small number who worked really well with us during the past year’s summer camps. We asked some to stop by our office to discuss supporting the current teacher training program. They were all very excited and one student even asked if he could volunteer to work with us even more hours then requested. Working with these students is very important because not only do they support our training efforts, but these students will be future secondary school teachers, so they are equally eager to learn education pedagogy. Working with local entities also ensures future sustainability for the project.

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    but it could be better if u use the one(blog) from webnode
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    julia why haven’t u choosen me back in olpc? hein! this is a joke,
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    thanks alot u are doing well for this country and your project will bring our country to a sustainable development.

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