Teacher Training: Day 2

This week for teacher training we focused on the question:

“What makes a good teacher.”

Here are some examples of the work of the teachers:

The good teacher

I asked them to write down what they thought in words, then try to imitate what they had written in photos. I lost some really creative, good projects in the conversions somwhere, but in addition to this there was some really creative work.

One teacher asked for a volunteer from the students playing outside tp pretend that he is beating them with a stick. One girl volunteer and laid on the ground, while everyone laughed, and made a face of pain to pretend the teacher hit her. (The teacher’s sentence was to never beat the students.)

The same teacher also asked ones student to pretend like they were very sick, as he hugged them. (The sentence was “take care of your students when they are sick.”)

Another teacher said teaching outside in nature was important, so she asked Jimmy, one of our colleagues to take a picture of her while she explored nature in the schoolyard.

While school is not traditionally a place for fun and creativity the teacher showed that if it is something interesting to them, they can be very creative. It was also great to see them include their students so much in their projects.

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