Planning for Holiday Training

For the first two weeks of April, Rwanda has a break period for commemoration of the genocide (which began in April 16 years ago). As with most holiday breaks, we take this time to work with teachers and students, so that they can work in longer-term projects, important to them, while continuing to develop of baseline of knowledge for laptop use. The projects are usually created under a theme, this time, one of our colleagues, Desire, requested that we choose the theme of malaria. Malaria is a big issue in Rwanda. Malaria currently kills more people than AIDS, and like AIDS it is a disease that many people do not know much about. Working under the theme of malaria also provides some great scientific analysis opportunities and  allows teachers/students to address a social need in their communities through awareness and spread of knowledge.

For the camps we have decided to focus on just public schools: Kagugu, Nonko and Rwamagana. We will work with teachers, developing their own projects for the first week and a half and for the remaining 3 days we will invite students to the camp, where teachers will guide them to create their own projects on malaria. This will give the teachers an opportunity to practice teaching with the laptop, with the help of us, the trainers.

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