What is Linux?

During the past week’s tech team training at ESCAF school (see first posting for details on each school) we worked on ways you can customize the laptop…change the color, change the name, change the language, etc. This is when I realized, that often, teachers ask us if they can get a normal laptop for use themselves. What they really mean when they ask this is where is MicrosoftWord and Excel.  We usually spend some time discussing the limitations of a software made for office workers, but never or rarely do we talk about what software IS on the laptops, why it is there and the great things about it. None of the teachers knew the name of the software or what open-source meant, so we spent some time just talking to them about the benefits of open-source, one of which, is allowing them to customize their own laptops. In the end they were very excited to learn about Sugar and Linux. They even asked that we print out more information for them on Linux for the next session.

    • Herve
    • March 27th, 2010

    This is so nice! I would like people to know that there other software and benefits of open-source software. Great job!

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