Training Starts Tomorrow!

Okay, the big malaria camp training will start tomorrow!

Goal: teachers feel more comfortable to use the XO in class/ increase malaria education in the community

Added benefits: we are lucky because I have discovered April 25th is World Malaria Day! We are hoping to tie our work into this larger event. I have a meeting on Monday with the head of the National Malaria Controlle Programme. Maybe we can have some great projects from teachers or students on display during the events of the day across Rwanda!

Updates: 100 P5 students from Nonko will attend the training concurrently with the teachers at Nonko (and not just the last 3 days, like at Kagugu). So now we will run a separate program for the kids until the teachers are ready to take over. Some kids in P5 are experts using the laptop, others have never touched the laptop. (This is because the Headmistress of Nonko has refused to pass out laptops this year until she hears the theft policy from MINEDUC, so she can be assured she will not be held responsible if a laptop goes missing or is stolen). So we decided to split the kids up into an advanced group, that can begin their projects on malaria, and the beginners who we can start with basics; then the teachers can conduct the malaria project with them for the last 3 days.

There will be a total of 12 teachers (out of 15) participating in the training.

Rwamagana: Has been delayed one week because they have been asked to attend another training by the district government; so I will work with Nonko kids the first week.

Kagugu: 51 teachers (all) will attend training. The advanced and medium-level groups that we had during teacher training will be grouped into one group, and the beginners will stay separate, maybe joining the others later the following week.

Should have lots to share tomorrow!

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