Since all the of the students were so interested in Scratch, we continued working in Scratch. Today the students asked how to put their pictures into Scratch. This was inspired because one of the students stayed late the day before and we made a small project, taking both of our pictures, importing them into Scratch and have the pictures talk to each other using our real voices. So all of the students now wanted to make their own project. In Scratch, there are two ways to import a picture, either as a “stage”  background or as a “sprite” or character. We first explained the difference by having one student act as the cat, we shouted commands for the “cat” to move around the class; then we countered that by shouting commands at the wall, which, of course, we cannot command to move since it is a background.

First, we took pictures, which the students always love, then imported them has a background into Scratch. We then decided to make into a slide show, so we imported 2 more photos and created a script that has the photos changing at the speed of the students’ choosing.

Their homework was to create a photo slide show of all the members of their families:

A student shows her work to her peers

students take pictures of me taking pictures of them

    • Gaspard
    • April 14th, 2010

    Hi Julia,
    It is interesting as you have really helped kids to enjoy their holidays by learning new things and sharing with others what they have learnt.
    In the training,how do you encourage the kids to understand what you are saying(English)? Is there any strategy?
    How do you encourage teachers to use English in their teaching and learning activities?
    Hope in the next camp, you won’t have a translator in your camp as you can try learn Kinyarwanda and kids will improve their english language. My 1st comment in life!

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