Sandrine & Mars Update: “I already know how to type!”

As some of you may have read the paper I wrote for the constructionism conference in Paris, you have learned about Mars and Sandrine. Two young women whose demeanor, outlook and confidence did a 180 through their access to the laptop. This week, both are home from secondary school (highschool). While catching up, I asked if they still had access to computer in their new schools. Sandrine said that they have some large desktop computers but that they only use them to learn how to type. And she said she already knows that! She said she is the best in using the computer in the whole school and she has to help all of her peers. Mars had a similar story, there is one computer lab, which is used sparingly. Unlike all of her peers, she has her own email and wishes to use it, but the internet connection in her school rarely works.

Once more and more children like Mars & Sandrine pass through secondary school, the curriculum will have to be changed to address the new generation of technically advanced students!

  1. this is realy wonderful,hope we shall all learn from these children and let our younger brothers feel free to express their ways

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