“The best training ever”

The past two weeks were great–this was even more so once we heard the feedback from the schools of the training. All headmistresses said it was the best training they ever had received, (!!!!!!) and it was like they were just starting with this training. All the teachers said they now think they can use the laptop in teaching and they seem more motivated and excited about the project than ever before. I think this was for a few reasons:

1.This time we started by brainstorming WITH the teachers about the training, instead of just providing them with our plan. They were empowered to be part of the process and have their voices heard.

2. Usually we focus on Scratch or Write/Record for teacher training, but this time, we decided to focus on something that the teachers can see directly relates to lesson plans and also challenges them creating an Etoys book. As opposed to Scratch, which we all know has powerful benefits, the teachers have trouble understanding how Scratch will help them teach. And with the usual week or 2 for training, it is just a start to learning Scratch.

3. I am not sure why we had never done this before, but this time we actually had teachers teach kids. This was BY FAR the most powerful and effective moments in the training. It is scary for teachers to imagine using the laptop one day in their classes, when they are alone. This allowed them a time to teach with support, giving them less stress. And as they reported once they take the plunge and just try teaching with the laptop, they find it is not as difficult as they once thought.

All of the schools have asked us to continue or regular weekly training, but now, instead of basic training, they want to continue teaching with us providing support! This is a great step (leap) forward.

  1. hi julia! it makes so long time,how are u doing?
    the blog proves that u are not sitting arms crossed
    go on it’s great.


  2. Julia, thanks for your post. I am on the Etoys Education committee and am curious as to how the teachers would use Etoys in the classroom. Also if you or the teachers need any support please feel free to contact me or send a email to the Etoys mailing list at squeakland@squeakland.org

    • Hey Stephen,
      Thanks so much, so glad to see you are reading the blog! We do many things in Etoys, but mostly, the Etoys book as it is easy for teachers to see how to incorporate this in their teaching. I am trying to post some example projects that teachers have created (on their spare time) now. But really, if possible, I would love if you could send us along some other project ideas you know from Etoys. Anything basic and that can easily be used during class time, and any other insight you have would be great! Thanks so much Julia

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