Some great developments at Kagugu

Yesterday we were at Kagugu for training with beginner-level teachers and to do an inventory of broken laptops and laptops with old software. So far, out of 5 or 6 classrooms with around 50 laptops each, we have found 6 broken laptops (mostly broken screens, I will post a more formal report on that later) but there is a large number of laptops that will need to be reflashed. I started to NANDblast some of the laptops yesterday with a HUGE help from Daniel Drake (thanks so much). It turns out some of the software was so old that I needed to do another update to the software before the most recent update!

If you need to update many laptops in your country, you should be sure to check this out:

Nandblasting instructions

But this visit was more important to me because of some of the changes on saw at the school.

—-I first met with Simon, a great teacher at the school who told me that he would like to start using the laptops in his lesson plans twice a week. I told him that he can just call us and our group will support him in the class.

–One of the KIE interns who was doing the tech. survey came running to tell us that a teacher is using the laptop to teach their students about the human skeleton! The teacher is even letting the class take home the laptop to continue studying and to do research on the different parts of the body. He will continue his lesson, using the laptop, the following day they will also use the laptop to study about the human ear.

–I saw another young girl taking home her laptop and I was curious if she was from the same class. It turns out that she was from another
class who had also given the children homework on the laptops to write a story about themselves! This I was really happy about because it gives the children the opportunity to talk and reflect about themselves, something children rarely get to do in school.

— And on the way to Kagugu, another important moment happened.  A KIE intern says that working with us and seeing different ways of teaching and using the philosophy of learn by doing has changed the way he will teach forever. He says that he teaches an ESL class and has changed his methodology for his students to learn by doing or just speak English without the usual tedious studying. He said his class now
praises him and they say the spent so much money to learn English before but they never did, until they were with him. He is very happy.

And just to share a nice picture with all. I saw one small boy walking around the schoolyard of Kagugu and I noticed he had a nice tie, but that it was very white! I looked more closely and saw that he had made himself a tie out of paper. So creative! I am really thinking to find that boy (out of the 4000 students in Kagugu) and buy him a real tie!

Great week so far! Tomorrow taking the long journey back to Rwamagana to see if there are any changes too!

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  2. learning english is quite easy, there arem any tutorials on the internet and some audiobooks too ‘,;

  1. May 19th, 2010

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