Laptop Maintenance Report from Kagugu School

Sorry for the delay in posts–I am without a laptop but getting a new one shortly. I have many cool projects and developments to share, but I will first start with the results of a technical survey my colleague Desire RWAGAJU and KIE interns completed at Kagugu school.

The results were as follows (out of 3000 laptops which are very lightly used):

kagugu survey O

There are 19 broken laptops requiring spare parts, the vast majority of these are broken screens. The screens can easily break when the laptop is open and then dropped on the floor; when the laptop is shut with too much force, or when there is pressure on the screen.

There are 17 laptops that will not take a charge. This could be solved with one of the multi-battery chargers we have here in Rwanda, if the trick to take out the battery, then plug to mains power, then plug mains power with the battery does not work.

44 laptops have sound problems; hopefully this can be fixed with the FixSound activity from Daniel Drake, but it could also mean there are broken speakers, etc–we will have to check.

Lastly, and most tedious, there are 450 laptops that have never been reflashed. This means they still have the old software that was shipped directly from the manufacturer. This was a job for the Rwandan core team, but it really shows the importance of making sure the school keeps track and takes charge of such processes as well. We have started reflashing but because the laptops are so old, we have to first update the firmware (like BIOS) and then update the software; so it takes a LONG time.

BIG thanks to Herve, Daniel and Manusheel for the help with this.

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