Kagugu Teachers Start to Use

This past Wednesday, Desire, the KIE interns and I went to Kagugu school for teacher training. We are continuing basic training with beginner teachers but for advanced teachers we want to support them, as they teach WITH the laptop during school time. As part of the success of the training, Kagugu now has “computer time” (a big step for the school) so this was the time when Desire and I walked around the classrooms to get an idea of which teachers were using the laptop, if there were any problems, and to plan an organized training moving forward. In total about 4 teachers were using the laptop in the class. Most of them were importing a picture from Record to Write or simply using Write, while these are basic projects, it is a great start. But there were also problems one teacher, Simon, who is a great teacher wanted to use the laptops in his class but he was not given enough power strips and had to run around the school tracking some down for over 30 minutes. Needless to say it is difficult to run a class in such conditions. We spoke to the Headmaster urging him to provide the right working conditions for the teachers that really want to use the laptop.

Moving forward the advanced teachers have decided that they would like to be separated into 4 groups based on the subject they teach: Language, Science, Math and Social Studies. We will spend a week focused on one group in which we will offer intensive classroom support. At the end of the month all teachers will come together to share problems and successes.

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