A teacher’s Etoys book

This past two weeks I have been working with teachers on creating their own books in Etoys. I really like focusing on the Etoys book because it is easy for teachers to see how they can integrate this feature into their teaching. All of the teachers made short books on Etoys during the “malaria camp” (teachers work below) but what was really interesting and cool was one teacher, in particular, who, during his spare time, wrote his own books–one about love, one about life…. It was really great for the teacher to have a venue to express his ideas, feelings and thoughts.

Below you will find two books written by teacher Jacques at Rwamagana Primary School entitled “Life has no Formula” and “What is Love?”

You will also see his email on the cover page: jbebe10@yahoo.fr, if you have a moment feel free to send him some encouragement to keep writing! (if you would like you can CC me (julia@laptop.org) so I can be sure to tell him to check his email)

(other pages  for “Life…”coming shortly)

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