Teachers Using the XO in Class

Yesterday at Kagugu Desire, a new OLPC intern, Elisee and myself helped assist two teachers who planned to use the XO laptop in their lesson plans.

The first teacher we worked with was Simon who teaches P4 & P5 English . He wanted to use the XO laptop while teaching his students about relative pronouns. Desire and I met with him the day before to discuss ways he could integrate laptop use with his lesson plan. We tried to push him to use more advanced activities, since he is very familiar with Scratch and Etoys, but he thought he may be two difficult for the children so he preferred to use the Write Activity.

After explaining the definition of relative pronouns, he wrote 3 example sentences with one word missing–a relative pronoun. Students had to copy the sentence and add the correct word. Most of the students in his class are still new to using the laptop; so it did take a while for some to learn how to capitalize letters, or move their cursor the next line etc. But by the end of the class, most students were able to copy most of the sentences from the board. Simon then went around to each child and wrote “good job” to those students who had the correct answers.

The second teacher was a math teacher for P4. He also used Write and asked his students to copy down and solve some math equations.

While these are not the most powerful ways to use the laptop, it is a big step that teachers are now trying to use, particularly this is a big win since they are using the laptop IN their lessons and not part of a separate “computer class.”

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