Back in Kigali!

It is nice to be back in Kigali after the great opportunity to see my family and to check in with OLPCF/OLPCA headquartered in Cambridge and Miami respectively.

Speaking with people like Claudia, Barbara, Nia, Rueben, etc. have provided me a fresh perspective on our work here in Kigali. With this renewed energy, I am having great discussions with fellow team members, two of who are new interns: Adrien and Jean-Claude and OLPC Learning Officers Jimmy & Desire about new techniques to employ in upcoming trainings. Their opinions are fantastic  and very valuable. Some of the ideas we discussed included:

  • Helping (Suggest)start an OLPC Parents Association at each school
  • Providing more information to parents, even before laptops arrive
  • A teacher of the month program
  • A rotating training for teachers during school-time
  • Teachers would have the opportunity to: run an after-school club, participate in a tech/maintenance training, create the school’s lesson plans. At the end of this period, a teacher would be assigned to lead and continue these groups.

We are now still brainstorming and preparing for a busy Fall as we wait for final decisions from MINEDUC. Right now, things are on hold as the country swings into election season. It has been another fantastic time to be in Kigali. It is so inspiring to see the strong support from Rwandans across the country. Many are coming together to support Kagame, which only makes sense with all the wonderful things he has done for this country. But whomever people choose to vote for it is still nice to see this large-scale community involvement–there are signs, people riding in trucks with music blaring, flags, t-shirts, everything! TORA! TORA! Vote! Vote!

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