Desired Teacher Development

As I said, after discussions with Jose Valente and Edith Ackermann. I began thinking about what we should expect from teachers and what our own goals for a teacher’s development should be. Based on my experience with teachers in Rwanda, I propose that teachers should/do develop in the following levels (obviously this model is not stagnant, rather a general overview and desired path which can vary widely depending on various circumstances):

Goal 1:  Understands the reasons for the laptops

Goal 2: Begins to use the laptop for personal use and uses the laptop outside of training

Goal 3: Starts brainstorming ways to use the laptop in the classroom

Goal 4: Uses the laptop in the classroom in basic ways

Goal 5: Begins to reflect on teaching practices

Goal 6: Uses the laptop in more deep ways with the students

Based on this model, for our upcoming training sessions we have decided to focus on more basic activities, more in depth for a longer period, more soon!…

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