Good News at ESCAF

ESCAF, a small private school, that has fantastic teachers, students and a great Headmaster is, again, emerging as an example, this time, for using laptops at their school. This past summer myself, Melissa, Desire & Jimmy along with KIE/OLPC interns Lote, Janvier, Pie, Theogene and Evode started after school clubs at ESCAF (Melissa worked with teachers). We had some teachers, who were really interested in using the laptop in their classes, help us with the clubs. This past week Desire, Jimmy & I went back to ESACF to check in and now the teachers who helped us this summer are running the clubs themselves! I will try to attend one of their sessions soon!

One question is why is this happening at ESCAF and not others schools. I have a few thoughts:

1) We were able to dedicate a large team for a longer period;

2) The school is small, so it is easy to make changes;

3) The Headmaster is FANTASTIC and understands the importance of the laptops and pushes all of teachers;

4) The teachers are also great, young and enthusiastic

And sense some teachers from ESCAF read this blog, I hope they will fell free to add anything else!

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