A Laptop at the top of Mt. Kigali

I spent a great today with a good, new friend climbing Mount Kigali (which is a great thing to do), but one surreal moment was when we were approaching the top and there were less and less people and it seemed like we might be alone sans a few goats–I saw a child up ahead carrying an XO. We went to talk to him because I did’t think there were any laptop deployments anywhere near the mountain, he said that he attended a private secondary school and had traded some other kid the laptop for a digital camera! I was really interested into which school this student, who sold his laptop, may be from, public or private because the fear of the laptop being sold is such a concern for public schools, but I didn’t want to make the child nervous; so I just asked him if he used the laptop and what he did on it, he said “everything.” And he was carrying it to go use it with some neighbors. So while one student may not have discovered much use for their laptop, at least this other child cared about it enough to trade something else of great value and was now sharing this gift with his community high on top of Mt. Kigali.

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