Rwanda Customization!!!

For the first time the OLPC-Rwanda team (myself, Jean-Claude, Adrien & OLPC interns: Sam, Nash, Jackie, Ceri) and the Rwandan Program team from MINEDUC (Jean-Paul & Jeanne) have worked together to create a customized build for Rwanda’s XO laptops. Here are the new activities (in addition to the preloaded activities on 852) the team has decided to include (we would love to hear about anyone’s experiences with the below activities and will soon share our own) :

1. Foodforce, Version 4,

2. Block Party, Version 7,

3. Social Calc., Version 5,

4. Free from Malaria, Version 2,

5. Gcompris,

6. Wikipedia,

7. Sunrise,

8. Starchart , Version 12,

9. Typingturtle, Version 26,

10. TUXMath, Version 2,

11. Physics, Version 5,

12. Ruler, Version 7,

13. Visual match , Version 24,

    • Nick Doiron
    • September 24th, 2010

    Hi from the US – I recently did some teaching and programming of XO activities in Uganda.

    SocialCalc – I wrote the chart system, and would be interested in hearing your feedback. I will soon be posting a version with full-width offline graph and color selection at

    Wikipedia – Would you be interested in expanding the activity to current Simple English Wikipedia articles – – with photos? You can read more at and a modified activity should be posted this weekend.

  1. May I suggest you use instead?

    Because SL’s upload process is InternetExplorer-hostile, the version over there is a revision out-of-date. The latest revisions of all of my astronomy tools can always be found at the XO downloads directory.

    (Version 2 of Sunrise is due to be released on or about 27-September-2010, also.)

    • Ceri Whatley
    • November 17th, 2010

    Could I suggest you update your blog more often, maybe referencing some of the fantastic people you work with like that Nash chap…

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