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OLE Curriculum Workshop

Desire, Pauline, Emma and myself are participating in a very important action coordinated by the Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Center in Rwanda. They are hosting a curriculum workshop in which their goal is to integrate electronic content and XO activities into the Rwandan curriculum. This curriculum will be approved by the National Curriculum Development Centre of Rwanda and will be hosted on servers at each school. The participants of the workshop are a mix of teachers and education students. I hope this will serve as an important time to begin to rethink the ways teachers and students in Rwanda can relate and interact with the curriculum. I hope this is the beginning of a big push towards a large-scale change!

Also, more generally, I think this is a good idea for all countries/school with laptops to think of replicating on their own, so teachers are given more support and also they feel like the govt. is fully supporting their use of the laptops IN the classroom.


Laptop Upgrading and Distribution at the Warehouse

Our team is separated now to focus on the large amount of work we have now towards the end of the year. This Fall we started, under the coordination of the MINEDUC team, in the WFP warehouse to begin to upgrade and distribute the 65,000 laptops purchased by the Rwandan govt. We are upgrading the laptops to the special Rwanda customized build.