First day of the “A day in the life” XO documentary camp

Today was the first day of “a day in the life”
documentary camp. We have invited a total of 30 students from both public and private schools: ESCAF, EPAK, Green Hills & La Colombiere. In addition to the student participants we also have two teachers from ESCAF and Green Hills present in an effort to spread powerful ways of working with the laptop among the private schools.

We wanted to hold a camp focusing on documentaries for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because we wanted to focus on using an activity that is simple and takes no time to explain. We always advocate not to teach laptops, rather, teach using the laptops, but because our time with students and/or teachers is short, we usually end up using most of our time explaining HOW to use the deeper activites, rather than USING them. Additionally, we wanted to give a voice to Rwandan students. They are able to share with the world “a day in their life” from their eyes. Each child will make their own documentary, then, we will compile all the short documentaries and make a full-legnth feature film which will be shown in a Hollywood-style premiere in January.

Something new we also wanted to do during this camp is to properly document our work so that these kind of activities can spread through Rwanda and other “OLPC countries.” Desire is conducting research. He is distributing questionnaires, conducting interviews, and watching for learning moments. Jimmy is making sure everything is recorded through video. This documentation will not only bes used for short term but we also hope will evolve into a means for a more long term research on the affects of our work and the project more generally.

While most of the day was to get familiar with everyone, one major outcome was when the visiting Headmistress of a school noted to our team that she realized she would have to start to change the culture of her school, once she noticed that her students were much more reserved and scared to express themselves than the other participants. She plans to foster a more interactive and free environment moving forward.

  1. Hey Julia,

    I very glad to resd from your blog all these things you do for Primary Education of my country… you have no idea of inspiration you brought to me!

    You guys you are doing great contribution for better Rwandan next Generation. Keep it up!

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