Some examples of student’s work

As stated, the planning and preparing for the documentary filming was very important as it required time-management, mathematical and teamwork skills to be properly achieved. It also put the participants in full control of their own work.  Below is an example of one of the participants’ planning for their documentary in which they used Etoys, which in and of itself, uses advanced programming. This child created their own book, showing different frames of their proposed documentary.

As the students began to record their documentaries, the most striking and exciting outcome was the amount of creativity that the participants displayed for their documentaries. One group of friends, decided to work together and turn their individual documentaries into one collective TV show in which they dressed up, each played part and created a Rwandan story. Below is a screenshot in which some of the group plays the role of local judges (and a military officer) who decide the fate of a poor man who offended a rich man in the village.

Another favorite of our team is when one participant casually records a day in the life at his house, introduces his family, shows his room, then, suddenly, puts down his laptop and shows off his karate skills!

Another striking factor from the documentaries was the number of participants who included their family and friends in their documentaries. In the parent questionnaires, many of the parents expressed joy and gratitude that they could share something like this with their children.

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