Project Contest at ESCAF

We have been VERY busy the past few weeks developing partnerships and creating documentation, but we were finally able to start back our work at the schools, and thanks to Pedro’s always fantastic ideas we had a fun challenge…. each member of our team was asked to create their own project. We spent 1 week working on a cohesive document detailing all aspects of our plan.
I created the project “Social School Mapping”

Social School Mapping Project

Pedro created a “legends” project where children would collect traditional stories, compile them and share them with the world.

Jean Claude created an environmental project competition where kids would create a project teaching their community about environment.

Jimmy created a project to help students learn proper researching techniques.

Adrien create a project to inform children about both mental and physical violence.

Lastly, Desire’s project was for students to write their own autobiographies.

We each presented our projects to a P6 class at ESCAF school in Nyamirambo, at the end the project that the children would do would be decided by their applause.

It was close and came to a tie breaker between Pedro and me, but in the end his project won!

It was so wonderful to see him with the children and it reminded our team to all be innovative with our ideas (no repeating past work!) and to be kids ourselves.

We will start the project next week!

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