Social School Mapping Project

Social School Mapping Project

We have started the Social School Mapping Project at EPAK Primary school. We are starting with 1 P6 class and expanding as the attached plan suggests.

We have already had 4 sessions, so in summary we have been working with the 31 students to develop a strong basis in math in order to create the percentages, graphing that they will need. Another part is to develop their skills to work together and understand the importance of numbers telling a story–so their questions should be insightful.

In the last session, I proposed the class to partner up and create their own statistic businesses and the following session present to me their business name, logo and a question they have asked all their classmate and the answers. This would have to presented using the XO in an interesting way.

I was not sure what to expect since this is a lot of work for the students who are currently in exams, but they amazed me! Each group was ready to present and most all of the students used Etoys to create pictures and animation to accompany their class statistics.

Some of their questions included:
1) Who is scared of rain? 33%
2) How many like TV? 100% How many have a TV at home? 10%
3) How many eat lunch at school? 4% At home? 96%
4) How many like to play futbol? 67%
5) How many like apples? 75%
6) How many like flowers? 86%
7) How many like to listen to radio? 55%
8) How many have been scarred by a knife? 35%

We are meeting tomorrow and will start to expand our work to the other P6 classes. They will collect all of their finding using PollBuilder.

  1. Very very interesting. You are an involved and brilliant teacher.

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