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Rwanda’s First Scratch Day!!!

OLPC-Rwanda held Rwanda’s first-ever Scratch Day event with support from the Rwandan Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) this past Saturday, to exemplify the power of children teaching both their peers and adults how to use Scratch to create projects under the themes of social studies, science and English. The hope of the workshop was that it would offer teachers and others an example of a different dynamic, a non-teacher or adult-centered room, that is fun and engaging while incorporating powerful uses of technology in education.

An exposition of projects created by students also provided examples of ways that teachers can incorporate Scratch into their lessons, hence the academic themes. There were a total of 139 participants!!!! The participants included teachers, community members, parents, students from schools using laptops, and other children of all ages. The children were amazing teachers and even found ways to incorporate dance and comedy into their workshop plan. This day was fully documented and these documents will be created into a “mini-kit” so that teachers or community members across the country can replicate this day at a local level.